Denaby Utd – Wednesday Reserve 2 Denaby 1 – Denaby’s first defeat

30 September 1922

Mexborough & Swinton Times, September 30, 1922

Denaby’s First Defeat.
A Rough Game at Hillsborough.
Godfrey Receives Marching Orders.  
Wednesday Reserves 2   Denaby United 1

Wednesday Reserve: Birch; Bellas and Dickinson; Wright, Froggatt and Levick; Mathewson, Taylor, Trotter, Swann and Wood
Denaby United: Ekins; Haslam and Taylor; Reed, Cowan and Hill; Hamilton, Kemp, Bretnall, Godfrey and Powell

The meeting of the Wednesday Reserve and Denaby United at Hillsborough, on Saturday, produced a very keen and exciting match, in which there were some unpleasant incidents. The play, waxed very fast and furious,but was a bit too vigourous at times. Towards the end of the game. Godfrey, the United inside left, was sent off the field for tripping Wright, the Wednesday right half. Although the hown team gained the points, they had to make a very ardent fight for their victory, which placed them at the head of the league table. Both teams turned out strong sides, and the game was witnessed by a large crowd.

Denaby won the toss and the game opened in a lively manner. Wednesday made attacks on the right, and Ekins was twice called upon to make smart saves. 7 min had passed when Matthews put in a delightful centre to SWANN who scored the first goal from easy range. Denaby´s first attack was due to the fine work of Kemp, who opened out the game in a brilliant fashion, racing away on the wing, and transferring the ball to Hamilton, whose effort was but a poor one.

A minute later the Denaby left-wing got going nicely and traversed half the length of the field. Powell touched the ball across to Godfrey, who sent the ball just over the bar with a splendid drive.

Ekins, and the Denaby backs, had a rough time of it for a few minutes when the Wednesday swarmed round the Denaby goal. The brilliant defensive work, however, kept the forwards out, though, on the other and, Wednesday might have got through again if the play had been a little steadier. Wright came in for a good deal of applause for a fine 30 yards drive which just missed the goal. The Denaby right putting some useful work and Hamilton got away with a pass from Kemp. The centre was very nicely put in, but, in the struggle which ensue, Godfrey received a nasty blow and had to be assisted to the line. The Denaby goal had one or two narrow escapes just before the interval. Haslam and Taylor were played a fine defence, and Ekins was cool and safe in goal.

The game recommence in an exciting manner, and after 3 minutes, Denaby had drawn level . Denaby goal came from a movement which began on the right, where Kemp got the ball and placed across to GODFREY beautifully. With his first shot Godfrey struck the bar, but the ball came out again and he drove it hard home.

In the melee in front of goal, Birch was hurt, and Bellas took up his charge. Birch however, was soon back again in goal, and an amusing incident took place when Bellas ran down the field with his shirt in his and stopped Powell and Godfrey, who were becoming dangerous. The game became very keen and frequent stoppages were necessary, on account of injuries to players. Denabyhad several attacks, but thehome defence was safe and Birch was rarely in action.

Wednesday then obtained the lead about 10 min from the end, when TROTTER scored, the goal being followed almost immediately by Godfrey being sent off the field for tripping Wright.