Denaby Utd – Denaby 5 Wombwell 1 – A Sound Beating

2 April 1923

Mexborough & Swinton Times. April 6, 1923

Wombwell at Denaby
A Sound Beating
Home club in Scoring Mood

Denaby United 5 Wombwell 1

Denaby United:
Ekins; Haslam and Taylor; Kennedy, Cowan and Hill; Hamilton, Bracknell, Godfrey, Burkinshaw and Powell.

Johnson; Ward and Drew; Sykes, Kaye and Dawber; Bramley, Driver, Briggs, Pascoe and Miller

A holiday “Derby” at Denaby on Easter Monday, took the form of an encounter with Wombwell, whose attack was led by Briggs, with Driver figuring in the forward line, in place of Moiser Andrew at left back instead of R.Ward. Denaby without Coope and Peters, played Haslam at right full-back, and Kennedy, at right half.

The result of the encounter was a smashing victory for Denaby, who outplayed their visitors completely from start to finish.

Wombwell won the toss, and their goal was in danger in their first half minutes as a result of a breakaway by Hamilton. Godfey shot wide, and Bracknell followed with another shot, a grounder, that missed by inches.

Cowan received well merited applause. He was evidently on form again, as he had been on Saturday, and with Cowan on form, Denaby´s opponents, whoever they may be, have always to look out.

Another clever run by Hamilton, who slipped around half a dozen or more men, ended with Bretnall trying to turn a nice centre to account with his head. The Denaby forward, however, was hustled in his attempt, and Johnson picked up and threw away.

Again Wombwell succeeded in carrying play to the other end, when Haslam relieved the situation, but only for a moment. Bramley and driver made a determined effort to break through on Wombwell´s right, and after Kennedy, and headed out of the goalmouth, Pascoe sent in a rising shot which skimmed the bar.

Powell was now conspicuous with a smart run, and a swinging forward pass came to Burkinshaw, but he received it awkwardly, and the ball went wide.

Cowan, meanwhile, had been bringing both head and feet into action, and the effective stubbornness with which he confronted the Wombwell attack provided the crowd with the amusement always welcomed as a part of holiday fare.

Good work by Powell resulted in a chance for Godfrey, was a bit off the mark and further off it with another shot a moment later.

GODFREY, however, was certainly a trier today, and  30 min after the kick-off success came his way. Dashing through the backs. He scored a great goal, and Denaby were those two up.

It was not long before they were three up, and in this case, though BURKINSHAW, very properly applied the finishing touch to a fine effort by Hamilton, the winger certainly shared the honours. It appeared, from a distant that Hamilton´s shot would have found the net in any case, and a fine shot. It was. But Josh was up, and made sure, heading well home.

Denaby continue to matters entirely their own way to the interval, and a terrific shot from Burkinshaw placed his mark on the bar.

When the team´s turned around, it was Denaby who were the first to get away, Powell racing along merrily, but this offensive was repelled, and Bramley and Driver gives some trouble to George Hill. They got past the half back and Briggs was given a last chance to reduce the heavy lead against his side. Matt Taylor, however, saw the danger, and succeeded in effecting a timely clearance.

After 52 min, BURKINSHAW dashed through the room will defence, and scored Denaby´s fourth goal.

The home forwards were certainly leading Drew, Ward and Johnson an awful life, and they showed no signs of becoming repentant. They had a great laugh amongst themselves when one after the other failed to turn to account quite a good chance from Powell, but they could afford to laugh and make up for the slip by ramming home a fifth goal a few seconds later. This time it was Godfrey , who did the trick. Both him and Burkinshaw had now two goals to their individual credit.

“100 to 1, Denaby now!” Cried an old supporter, without any hope or fear of being taken on.
Wombwell however forced a corner, and then they went one better, scoring through BRIGGS. It was only one goal against five, but it was one of the best in the half dozen seen that day, and the Wombwell man deserved all the applause with which his success was was a solo effort, and after a brilliant run, with Matt Taylor giving hot chase, he got in a shot, despite the harassing attentions of the Denaby captain.
A race between Johnson and Hamilton which terminated in a waltz, came as another little diversion, and then Oscar Bretnall tried a few shots – deserving shots, too, but Oscar had no luck .