Denaby Utd – Wombwell 2 Denaby 0 – Epic Battle at Wombwell

6 April 1923

South Yorhshire Times, April 6, 1923

Denaby Lose in Epic Battle at Wombwell

Wombwell 2 Denaby United 0

Smitten hip and thigh, shamelessly humiliated, and almost literally dragged in the mire at Denaby, on Monday, Wombwell pull themselves together, and rendered their enemies in grand style at Wombwell´s the following day. This remarkable transformation put a joyful seal on Wombwell´s holiday programme, and incidentally applied the brake to proud Denaby´s all conquering career. To anyone who witnessed both matches, the two verdicts are almost irreconcilable.

At Denaby, the “stripes” were superior to Wombwell by an immeasurable degree, whereas the following day saw Wombwell putting Denaby in their place by dint of all the best and most highly technical features of the game.

In the absence of a more likely explanation this strange reversal of circumstances can only be put down to the difference in the two grounds and the natural operation of the law of revenge, which runs very swiftly in the Valley of the Dearne.

It is interesting to note that up to Tuesday, Denaby had played14 games without being defeated, and it therefore goes without saying that they went to Wombwell with a great determination to win.

In these circumstances Denaby were on fairly safe ground in deciding to field the same 11 as trounced Wombwell the preceding day, while the Wombwell selectors add certainly good reason for making changes. Parton made a welcome return to the side, and took the centre forward position, while the brothers Ward were tried together for the first time at full-back, Tommy Drew being dropped.

There was a most encouraging attendance, the gate been something like a couple of thousand.