Denaby Utd – Feb 3rd – Denaby Utd 3 Boston Town 1 – Mudlarking Victory

February 1923

A Sweet Revenge

Denaby´s Mudlarking Victory

Boston Flounder

Denaby United 3 Boston Town 0

Denaby United: Mitchell; Coope and Taylor; Reed, Cowan and Hill; Hamilton, Godfrey, Bretnall, Pearson and Powell

Boston Town: Bunting; Irvine and Taylor; Craven, Robson and Moore; Odling, Davis, Whitehead, Talks and Lineham

Denaby United got ample satisfaction from the return match with Boston town on Saturday, collecting a useful win in a decisive way. The weather stalled the crowd off badly, though the game was actually played under dry skies. However, the ground had been soaking up drink. Most of the week, and was badly bogged. The Boston directors sighed for their own trim playing piece, as they saw their pets floundering in the sludge. The Denaby boys took much more kindly to the mudlarking, they were steadier in front of goal, and therefore more effective. Frequently in the opening stages of the second half, the Boston insides were right through, only to skid at the last push.

But though Boston were handicapped by the conditions. They did not in any case, give a very convincing display, though there were bright passages here and there.

Denaby made one change from the side that did Castle full is business on the previous Monday. Godfrey kept his place in the team, being turned over to Hamilton, Burkinshaw, “rested,” and Bretnall came back into the middle

The Denaby boys gave their supporters some wine to begin with, for the game was scarcely 5 min old when POWELL came through with a great goal. Pearson started him, and he flashed along the wing at a great pace, bearing in for a shot which Bunting never saw, the sweetest dog Daisy cutters. This early success put Denaby in good heart, and there were soon on the trail of more, but Taylor and Irvine, a sturdy pair, had recovered and were defending coolly though with difficulty. For 20 min or so Denaby held sway, and ought to have increased their lead in spite of some fine work by Taylor and the watchfulness of Bunting.

Boston, initiated several good movements by the left where Lineham took a great deal of stopping, and the spasmodic incursions consolidated into an offensive, solar four a quarter of an hour before the interval Boston were bossing the show, though and nearly all their threats came from Lineham and Talks. There was a startling little incident when Mitchell, who floundered badly in the mire, picked up a soft dry from the right, and was kicking away when talks came unobtrusively behind him, and put the ball out of his hand. Mitchell stood with his heart in his mouth while the ball crept across the goalmouth and disappeared behind the opposite post, inches out of the true course. Busting kept at it, and whited at this point pressed Coopeand Matt Taylor very hard, but that little trick of Talks´s was the nearest until the interval.

The Boston equaliser came 10 min after the interval, and was well got. Odling put in some capital work on the Boston right during the opening of this half

After the equaliser, Denaby attack with new spirit, and it was not long before a series of brilliant runs on the right bore fruit. Hamilton had more and Taylor beaten for pace and footwork, and he rounded off one of his voyages by lobbing the ball dead in front of goal where, GODFREY met it on his bald patch and knocked it up against the bar, and through.Denaby were now definitely in command and never lost their grip. Why 10 made one great expiring effort to retrieve the day, going through on his all only to skid and shoot over. 5 min from time assurance was made doubly sure by a rather thin penalty. This given against Robson for being in the way of a piledriver from Stanley Pearson. COWAN took the kick and blinded Bunting with it.


Denaby were certainly the more effective side under the conditions, but we should have seen a great battle is the going had been dry, for Boston are a clever side and even a diversity they showed this by many a subtle touch. Things were as well as they were, perhaps; at any rate, there was plenty in the game to give huge enjoyment to the supporters, like the mass enthusiasm of twice their number.