Denaby Utd – Jan 20th – Denaby Utd 2 Worksop Town 1 – Wonderful Goalkeeping

20 January 1923

Mexborough and Swinton Times,January 1923

Denaby’s fine form
Two points from Worksop town
Wonderful goalkeeping

Denaby United 2 Worksop Town 1

Denaby United treated their supporters to some brilliant football on Saturday, and took two points out of Worksop Town, the Midland league adventurers at White Hart Lane, the previous weekend. There was no doubting Denaby´s superiority, although the score at the interval was against them. They had quite the best of the play in the first half, and yet, at the interval, were a goal behind. In the second half, Denaby soon restored the balance, and the victory was obtained through a penalty goal of Cowans.

Worksop Town, after their gruelling performance in London, on the previous Saturday and Monday, showed very good form, and they were quite good at times, the forwards attack in very smartly and racing along the field in fine formation. They were opposed to a very fine defence, however, and they found it very difficult to overcome this obstacle.

The Denaby defenders played a splendid game, and the Worksop defence was equally deserving of praise. The feature of the game was the wonderful goalkeeping of Brown, whose display at White Hart Lane occasioned so much surpriseA and so much commendation. He was, undoubtedly, the star of the team, and he brought off saves when 9 out of 10 goalkeepers would have been beaten easily. No shot seemed too difficult for him, and, even in a melee with half a dozen Denaby men on the goal line, he got the ball away many times in amazing style.

It was a very bright game, full of exciting incident, and the football was of quite a high order. It was a matter for regret that the “gate” was only moderate, for it was expected that the visit of last year´s champions would arouse a great deal of interest, in addition to which this there was the expectation that many would be curious to see the side which had been making cup history in London against the renowned Spurs. There was an explanation for a moderate gate, however, in that Mexborough were at home in attractive fixture with the league leaders.