Denaby Utd – Jan 27th – Denaby Utd 2 Notts County Res 1 – Shearing the Lambs

January 1923


Shearing the lambs

Denaby’s clever win

Pearson the star

Denaby United 2 Notts County Reserve 1

Denaby United : Mitchell ; Coope and and Taylor; Reed, Cowan and Hill ; Hamilton , Burkinshaw , Bretnall , Pearson and Powell
Notts County Reserve: Fisher ; Marriot and Cornwell ; Davies Harris and Ashford ; Platts , Heathcote , Widdowson , Brodie and Death

The visit of the “lambs ” to Denaby, on Saturday, providing a thoroughly interesting and enjoyable game , full of light and pretty touches , and the interest was maintained right to the end. Play fluctuated a good deal , and both sideshad periods of distinct ascendancy . Denaby took theirs first, although they lost the toss and were set to face wind and sun . In the first 10 min, the Notts County defence , one of the soundest in the Midland league, was very severely tested, particularly by Powell and Bretnall , this pair working , with perfect understanding . Stanley Pearson , who was the outstanding forward on both sides in this half, fed Powell as with a spoon ,and he swept roundDavies time after time, only to come hard up against it when Fisheror Marriot had to be negotiated .

Denaby had the mortification of dropping a goal the first time their defence was seriously troubled. it was a very nicegoal too, and followed immediately upon a much more promising attempt , in which DEATH the old Rotherham town winger , was at fault. The same player, coming into the middle for a throw in on the right, with a swift manoeuvre got position and aimed very deliberately from 25 yards out . The drive was unexpected, and Mitchell was yards off the ball when it struck theright hand post andglanced into the net. County got very troublesome after this, and for a period they were distinctly the better side , the combination of Widdowson, Death and Ashford, being delightful . The good strong kicking and unhesitating tackling by Coope and Taylor , particular the former , had a disturbing effect on the County; their attacks were smashed up, and soon Denaby were taking the offensive very vigourously , and winning openings , only to throw them away . Bretnall made one very bad missfrom a perfect centre by Powell and Burkinshaw also was at fault after dribbling close in .

But after half an hour’s play equaliser came, from a centre by Hamilton; PEARSON judged it perfectly and headed it wide of Fisher.. Just on the interval County should have regained the lead . The Denaby defence wasin a tangleand Widdowson, who penetrated almost to the woodwork , lost controland could only send the ball out to Death, who shot wide.

The winning goal came after 10 min play in the second half . It was quite the Tate beat of the match , George Hill set his wing going , and Powell, Pearson and Bretnall , hunting in a close pack , bore down all opposition ,PEARSON finding the net with a cunning flick as Fisher,was jumping out to meet him . it was a very clever goal. Indeed, and Powell , and Bretnallwere entitled to some of the credit for it .after this , Denaby were often dangerous , but they were up against a cool , and resolute defence,very prompt to take advantage of the slightest blunder or hesitancy . In this half the Denaby right wing was not very effective, Hamilton falling distinctly below his standard . Fisher, who kept a fine goal was constantly on the alert, and was tried full out with some particularly fine shots from Powell and Cowan. The game hung in the balance right to the last minute. There was always potential danger in the speedy County attacks , though Coope and Cowanseemed to dominate it, and twice the visitors broke away with very gallant efforts, which were pulled up in the nick of time . The play all round was of a good standard, very clean and scientific. It was a most enjoyable match, and with perfect weather prevailing should have been worth a much bigger “gate”. the attendance numbering no more than 2000.