Denaby Utd – Mar 31st – Denaby 3 Barnsley Res 0 – Oakwell Brigade Shocked

March 1923

Denaby give Oakwell brigade a shock
Denaby United 3 Barnsley Reserve 0

Denaby United: Ekins; Coope and Taylor; Peters, Cowan and Hill: Hamilton, Bretnall, Godfrey, Burkinshaw and Powell

Barnsley Reserve: Cope ; Miller ship and Tindall; Lowe, Sayles and Sanderson; Westwood, beans, Hammerton, Turner and Jackson On Saturday, Denaby completed the good work they had started by taking two points out of Barnsley reserve at Oakwell, by taking the other two out of the Barnsley men at Denaby in most convincing fashion. They were on top all the way. Before they obtained the lead, after only 8 min play, they had given Harold Cope cause for anxiety, and they went on, after the interval, to score again to Josh Burkinshaw and yet again to Joby Godfrey, while they preserved their own goal intact. They did this, let it be noted, though they were playing only 10 men, most of the time, with Dick Coope off. Barnsley were playing a back like Millership- and they served up fast and clever football on a decidedly soft ground.Putting it in a nutshell, this second victory over Barnsley reserve, by a margin of three goals, was one of the smartest performances Denaby United have played to their credit this season Thehome team was unchanged, but the visitors made several alterations. Millership and Sanderson came in. Denaby lost the toss, there was no harm in that as it happened, and they were soon giving Millership and Tindall something to do. Josh was conspicuous quite early on, when he aimed wide, and both Hamilton and Powell lost no time in letting us see what they, like, Burkinshaw, were on form. It was from a movement initiated by George Hill that Denaby got the first goal. In the course of the game, George did a few things quite as useful as they were pretty, and this was one of them. Joby Godfrey passed onto BURKINSHAW who give Cope no chance whatever. How keen wasthe interest in Denaby´s fortunes in this encounter was made evident by the cheering which greeted the early success. The goal corresponded to the run of the opening play. So far the Denaby defencehad enjoyed a quiet time, with just enough movement in their lines to keep the blood circulating. Now, however, the visitors left winger, Jackson – not a man to be allowed to take an inch- tried to get past Peters and Coope. But he was very poorly supported, and the attempt broke down.Then Barnsley´s right wing tried their luck, but Hillsaw the dangerout ofthe goalmouth quite prettily, and, when the ball came back, Coope booted it as Coope can, to the chuckles of his admirers. Sanderson, Barnsley´s left half, was put in some work calculated to help Jackson and Turner along, but Peters kept upsetting the calculation, and Sanderson, anyhow hadquite as much as he could do to keep Hamilton and Bretnall from worrying Millership and Cope rather too much. He failed to prevent Hamilton from centring squarely into the goalmouth, and Burkinshaw dashed up just a moment too late to bang the ball home. As it was, Cope had the ball fired back at him. Godfrey was a marksman and a successful one too, he thought. It was long aim he took, but he put his lot behind it, and with Cope yards away, the shot seems certain to find the net. Joby thought it was thus, and had in fact turned his back, in the manner of goalscorers, and started up the field, when Cope saved magnificently. Powell next flashed in a shop, which travelled out past the far post. A freekick forDenaby followed, but Cowan, for once failed to put any momentum behind, and Cope cleared with ease. At the other end the Barnsley forwards at last gave the Denaby defence a little anxiety, but the siege they laid was a brief one, and Burkinshaw was seen getting away with Hamilton. Sanderson block the way, but the ball was swung over to Powell and eventually Godfrey got possession and sent in a good shot which Millership headed away. After this, Burkinshaw shot wide, and then a little misunderstanding between Peters and Coope all but let Barnsley in. Turner put Hammerton right in the way of scoring the equaliser, but, with the goal at his mercy, the Barnsley centre forward had the ball taken clean off his toe by Hill, who had dashed back to the rescue. 10 min before the interval Dick Coope had to leave the field. His knee trouble had come against him, and Denaby played out the first half with 10 men, without increasing their lead, but without relinquishing their advantage . It was Denaby who were aggressive when the teams came out again. They had been making the pace, and they were apparently far from being spent. Hamilton was pulled up for offside, and Woodward and Binns then bore down on Ekins. But the Denaby defence was still sure, though Coope, one come on the field again, found his knee anything but sure, and after 5 min only he had to retire for the day. Ekinscame in for applause when he saved a fine shot from Jackson.

Cope had savedfrom Hill, when Hamilton, standing in the goalmouth, allowed a splendid chance from Westwood to go begging. TheBarnsley forwards had workedhard for the chance, and the centre forwardwatched Ekins clear at his leisure. However, the crowd didn´t mind, it was Barnsley´s funeral, not theirs. Had Hammerton asserted himself just then – well, he didn´t, and Denaby went on to increase their lead, and add a third goal to make the issue quite certain and their victory most emphatic. The second goal came after 63 minutes, BURKINSHAW finding the net on this occasion from an adroit use of a centreby Hamilton, and the third from GODFREY 5 min from time