Denaby Utd – Rotherham Co Res 0 Denaby 1 – Denaby spoil at Millmoor

3 March 1923

A smart victory Denaby spoil the County at Millmoor

Rotherham County Reserve 0 Denaby United 1

Rotherham County Reserve: Robinson; Turner and Chappell; Hirst Bagley and Evans; Barnes, Crichton, Pearson, Humphries and Neil.

Denaby United: Ekins; Taylor and Haslam; Hill, G.Robinson and Peters; Hamilton, Bretnall, Godfrey, Burkinshaw and Powell.

Between 2000 and 3000 spectators were present at Millmoor, on Saturday, when Rotherham Town reserve entertained Denaby United.

Denaby had the better of the opening exchanges, and were awarded a corner, which came to naught. Play was transferred, but the visitors broke away from a throw in, and Robinson ran out to save. Pearson got away for the County, but his pass was placed too forward, and Barnes was unable to take possession before the ball went out of bounds. On the county┬┤s right, Neal was fouled by Hamilton. Burkinshaw was well placed, but shot wide. Godfrey, the visitors centre forward made a fine run, and when near goal he was dispossessed by Turner. Hamilton on Denaby’s left, shot into the arms of Robinson with a well-placed kick. The County got down and disaster almost overtook the visitors. When Haslam miskicked Barnes made a splendid attempt, and his forcefulshot was fitted out by Ekins, theball being immediately returned by Humphries. Ekins dropped fall length to this shot, and just knocked the ball out.

The County again attacked, and the Denaby goalie had to save three shots in quick succession, a fourth going over the bar. Neil made another attempt to penetrate the Denaby goal, and did some brilliant wing work until the ball was finally put out. The home men were now attacking much stronger and they seriously harassed the Denaby defence. Bagley putting in an exceptionally hard shot, directly at the goalie, who instinctively put up his hands, knocked out the ball. The game was held up for a few seconds when Crichton was injured. After a visit to the Rotherham goal, Crichton and Pearson made a fine dash. The splendid defence of Denaby saved their team well.

Half-time arrived with no score having been made by either side.

Shortly after resuming, Denaby were awarded a corner, which they failed to make use of. After a period of uninteresting play, BURKINSHAW, with a fine shot, which beat the Rotherham goalie all the way, opened the scoring for Denaby. The County rallied to the attack, and a free kick was awarded. Burkinshaw took possession, and with a fine turn of speed was, well his way down the field before he was robbed of the ball. During an attack on the Denaby goal, Humphries, were brought down in the penalty area, and had to be carried off the field. Insistent demands by the crowd for a penalty kick, were ignored by the referee.

All presence of scientific play was for a time thrown to the winds, and the game assumed an exhibition of “bustle.”. The county were awarded a free kick, but Barnes placed too wide, and the ball was cleared. Humphreys limping badly, later came on the field. Towards the end of the game. Rotherham played well, and Ekins had one or two difficult shops to deal with.

During another melee, one of the Denaby players handled, and a penalty was awarded. Pearson took the kick, but he shot straight at Ekins, who served. Shortly afterwards. Rotherham failed to make use of a corner. The game close soon afterwards with the visitors holding both points by the only goal.