Denaby Utd – All in Good Spirits at Tickhill Square

July 1965

South Yorkshire Times 10th July 1965

All in Good Spirits at Tickhill Square

Despite the obvious dismay at their rejection by the midland League, Denaby United Football Club struck a note of confidence and hope for the future at the club’s annual meeting last Friday.

The keynote was one of a new start for Denaby and a determination to show their long-suffering supporters that they can bring back bright football to Tickhill Square.

And Denaby’s decision to join the Yorkshire League has brought with it the possibility of more representative football there.

The chairman, Mr. Eddie Langford, revealed at the meeting that Denaby had been asked if they could stage the Yorkshire League semi-finals or final at Tickhill Square. “Consequently we are looking forward to representative football here,” he said.

Nevertheless there was no hiding the fact that Denaby officials were disgusted with the Midland League’s decision not to grant their re-election.

“Dirty trick”

Manager Les Cowley described it as “a shabby, dirty trick. Everything was cut and dried before the League’s annual meeting. They intended us being out,” he said.

But, he told members, the decision had not affected the signing of new players. “All the men who contracted to come here to play Midland League football have said they will come and play for us in the Yorkshire League. We have been very much encouraged by the response,” he added.

He thought the Yorkshire League’s decision to try and form a Premier Division in which League clubs would participate, would result in a better standard for football than that attained in the Midland League. “I am sure that if these plans work out we shall have better matches at Denaby than we have had in the past. What we have to do, and let there be no mistake about this, is to earn promotion from the Second Division next season. If we don’t do that then we are finished.”

Later Mr. Cowley gave members details of some of the players signed for the club for next season. They include Kelly, Woodger, Whittaker and McKay, who were stalwarts of the side last season; Charlie Williams the ex-Doncaster Rovers and Grimethorpe player; Dudhill, a goalkeeper from Rawmarsh; Dalton, a 19-year-old Youth International; Terne, who was with Chesterfield for three seasons and then with Matlock in the Cheshire League; Gary Roebuck and John Newby from Mexborough; Reed, an amateur from Rotherham; and Richardson, who was with Sheffield United for three seasons.

Average age 22

“I think we shall do well,” he said. “We have some promising youngsters on our books – indeed, the average age will be about 22 – and I am confident we can get promotion to the first Division of the Yorkshire League.”

Earlier in the meeting the club’s chairman, Mr. Eddie Langford, said he felt that had Mr. Cowley joined Denaby a few months before he did the club would not have been in a position where they had to seek re-election.

“As it turned out we got the boot,” he said, “but I feel the Midland League is going the wrong way. Derbyshire clubs have got monopoly now, and if they don’t want anyone in then out they go. It’s a dangerous state of affairs for the future of the League.”

He was confident that the team would do well in the Yorkshire League. “I think you will gather from the Manager’s report that things are a lot different now than they were last season. We shan’t have to go around begging players off the street,” he said. He went on, “We are going to have a good season I am sure. All I hope is that we get plenty of support.”

Useful economies

The Denaby accounts showed a surplus of just over £200 and the financial secretary, Mr. Benny Lupton, said the club had made useful economies and had reduced the debt incurred during the last two seasons.

Officials elected: President, Mr. Arthur Roberts; vice-president Mr. B. Sharpe; secretary, Mr. T. Sapey; manager, Mr. L. Cowley; financial secretary, Mr. D. Allport; Committee, Messrs Ball, Richardson, Cocks, Phelan, Smithson, Kelly, Sanderson, Carpenter, Mosley, Rose, McLaughland and Hunley.

It was announced that the annual meeting of the Supporters’ Club would be held at the Welfare on July 14th at 7 p.m.

Mr. Langford also announced that supporters who had purchased tickets for the Mini-car competition organised by Barking Town would have their money refunded if they applied to the club. He explained that the police had stepped in and cancelled the competition at the last moment because the Southern League club had not registered it under the National Lotteries and Gaming Act.