Conisbrough Notes – Conisbrough United Brass Band – Gas Explosion – Machine Accident

September 1895

Mexborough and Swinton Times September 27, 1895

Conisbrough and Denaby Notes

Conisbrough United Brass Band

The members of the Conisbrough United Brass Band intend making themselves useful during the coming season. Commencing Thursday, October 3 a private quadrille party will be held in the Assembly Rooms at 7.30. The band render good service to the town and by this means they can provide pleasure, but the same time realise something towards their expenses. They certainly deserve encouragement and this, no doubt, be shown in a practical form.

Gas Explosion

A gas explosion took place at the Post Office on Tuesday. A leakage had occurred to one of the main parts, and this became ignited. Fortunately no one was hurt. Mr Meggitt, the manager of the gasworks, was quickly in attendance.

Chopping Machine Accident

A youth named Woodward, residing in Church Street, had his knee injured by a chopping machine on Tuesday, at Mr Clarkson’s confectionery works. He was at once taken to the Mexborough Montague Cottage Hospital, and is now doing well.