Conisborough Notes – Water Scheme – Road to Doncaster Races – Workmen’s Dinner

September 1895

Mexborough and Swinton Times September 20, 1895

Conisborough Notes

Water Scheme

Conisborough is now in a fair way to secure a good water scheme, thanks for the manner in which the Parish Council has tackled the matter.

As is well known the question been before the Doncaster authority and under the consideration of the Local Government Board for some time past, but at last there is a prospect of an adequate yield of suitable water for drinking purposes in the parish.

The beginning of the end occurred on Tuesday last when the representatives from Conisborough so well pressed the matter upon the attention of the Rural District Council, that Mr George White, C.E., of Mexborough, will shortly be asked to investigate and prepare the necessary scheme. Messrs Whitfield and Norwood deserve congratulation.

Road to Doncaster Races

The Sheffield road was as crowded as ever on the four Doncaster races, and there were many more people travelled by rail. Several people have been had up before the magistrate for travelling without tickets. Excluding the Ledger morning the weather was very far, and the journey from Sheffield to Doncaster by coach must have been most enjoyable.

Workmen’s Dinner

Mr Walker gave a dinner to his workmen recently. An excellent repast was placed upon the table on the direction of Mrs Crookes, which all thoroughly enjoyed. After dinner there were a few speeches and some. It was quite like old times to hear Messrs Downing and Hill give their old and favourable duets