Dinner and Concert for Bandmaster

November 1905

Mexborough and Swinton Times November 25, 1905

Dinner and Concert at Conisborough

A very successful dinner and concert was held at the Fox Hotel, Conisbrough, on Monday evening. The proceeds will be devoted towards a testimonial for Mr Albert Wilson, who has been bandmaster of the Conisbrough Brass Band for 21 years.

About 100 sat down to dinner, and injustice to an excellent menu, provided by the host and hostess Mr and Mrs Lugar. The room was decorated in a patriotic manner, and the tables were arranged with chrysanthemums.

After dinner the chair was occupied by Mr T.R.Booth. He said he was pleased to see so many present on behalf of their worthy friend, Mr Albert Watson. ((Hear, hear) He gave the people in Conisbrough credit in rising to response for help to obtain a testimonial for their bandmaster, and everybody he had asked had been willing to help the cause.

Mr Day they give an excellent rendition of “Nelson 100 years ago,” for which he was loudly applauded.

Master Hargreaves followed with “The Holy City.” He is only young, and possesses an excellent voice.

A quartet was given by four members of the band, which was excellently given.

Mr Vine caused a little merriment with “You have got a long way to go.”

Mr Moody said he was very pleased to be present to help such a deserving cause. He like to give credit where credit is due, and he thought ought to be given to his friend Mr Wilson. He had never heard anybody give him a bad name, and he was always pleased to be in his company. He said at one time use one of his pupils, but he did not come off very well. (Laughter) He wished him much prosperity as he deserves the testimonial that dinner and concert was in aid of.

During the rest of the evening the following conditions were much appreciated:

Violin solo, Mr D Marshalls;

song, “Sing me to sleep,” and “Friendships name,” Mr H Plant;

“That’s how he sat on a tack,” and “I’m the plumber,” Mr Fred Day;

“Calvary” and “A dream of Paradise,” Mr W Hargreave;

“I wouldn’t grumble any more,” Mr F Nesbitt;

Recitation, “How Bill Adams won the battle of Waterloo,” Mr W Moore;

Song “Eileen Alannah,” Mr G Moxon

Several quartets were also played by Messrs E Trout, S Dawson, A Dawson and T Turton. Mrs Fred day officiated very admirably on the piano. Much credit is due to the committee responsible for the presentation – Messrs T R Booth, G Downing, G Fitz George, W Ellis, J Hargreaves, F Keys, E Trout, C Keys, Treasurer C Gibson and especially the hard-working secretary R.V. Bedford, who carried out the arrangements in a capable manner