Ellershaw Amateur Boxing Club In Danger

December 1965

South Yorkshire Times, December 11, 1965

Boxing Club In Danger.

South Yorkshire has few active boxing clubs. Yet now one of the most prominent is in serious danger of closure because of poor support.

In its fifth year, Conisbrough Ellershaw Amateur Boxing Club has little backing from a traditionally sport-loving public, and has lost its most promising young boxers.

Coach Mr. Norman Arrowsuch, of Popular Grove, Conisbrough sacrifices working time and money to run training sessions at Ellershaw Youth Centre.

He told the ‘South Yorkshire Times’: The last thing I want is for the club to finish – but what can you do?

‘The lads themselves won’t train. One of the best, an A.B.A. Schoolboy and Junior Champion, has finished altogether and another, also an A.B.A., champion, isn’t taking much interest now.

‘The public won’t give us their support either. We lost a fortune on the last boxing show we staged at Denaby.’

Mr. Arrowsuch is having to turn down contests for his club because he cannot raise a full team. Yet in Nottingham, young boxers compete to full houses.

‘I just don’t know what’s the matter with the youngsters round here’, he added.

‘We have a fine, well-equipped gymnasium at Ellershaw and if we had three or four more good lads, we could put the club on its feet. There are plenty of opportunities for a promising young boxer’, Mr. Arrowsuch said.