Freed by Clothing Being Torn Off – Serious Denaby Fairground Accident

January 1966

South Yorkshire Times January 22, 1966

Freed by Clothing Being Torn Off

Eight-year-old Ian Jameson, of 21, Bolton Street, Denaby Main, was this week said to be “improving” after a fairground incident in which he was seriously injured.

Ian was playing with his brothers, Gary (six), and Terence (10), on the edge of the fairground, which is behind the marketplace in Denaby. He crawled under a stationary lorry to hide, not noticing that the driveshaft was connected to the fairground generator, and was in motion.

Held Up

His clothing caught in the shaft and he was flung up into the generator and then hurled violently at its base. All his clothing had been torn off, so he was freed and managed to crawl from under lorry before collapsing.

By chance his eldest brother 21-year-old Keith Jameson, happened to be passing. He saw the crowd gathered, and went to see what was happening. When he saw it was Ian, he picked him up and carried him 150 yards to the police station, from where he was taken to Mexborough Montagu Hospital. He had several cuts and bruises all over his body, all his teeth were knocked out, and his nose appear to be broken.

Lucky to be Alive

Ian’s mother, Mrs Ada Jameson, said later: “He is in a terrible state, but he is very lucky to be alive.”

Brother Terence said: “he did not realise that the machinery was working when he crawled under the lobby, and thought it was a good place to hide.” Mrs Jameson added: “You would think that machinery would be better protected in places where children play.”

Since the incident, boards and barrels have been placed against the side of the lorry to prevent anyone else from crawling underneath.