Tower Masonry Crumbling – Conisbrough Church Ringers’ Warning

February 1946

South Yorkshire Times February 2, 1946

Tower Masonry Crumbling
Conisbrough Church Ringers’ Warning

“The general enthusiasm here is phenomenal, the spirit of cooperation is greater than I have experienced in other parishes,” declared the vicar of Conisbrough, the Reverent G, F. Braithwaite, at the annual parochial meeting at the church hall, on Wednesday, when reviewing the work accomplished during his six months victariate.

Mr Braithwaite remarked that their duty ahead lay in trying to make the church, not only in Conisbrough, but throughout the country, a potent factor in the life of the people. Mr, Braithwaite expressed deep thanks to all church members and organisations for the manner in which they had assisted the church and added that he was encouraged by the evidence there was in the youth of the parish of a growing sense of the responsibility of church membership.

It was hoped to develop the Scouts, Girl Guides and Cubs movement, and thanks were due to the mother’s union, St Peter’s Guild, the working committee and the social committee for their hard work.

The church’s financial position was very satisfactory and he thanked the choir under the guidance of their organist (Mr W. Farmer), the bell ringers and the lay readers (M. J. Cuttle and G. Pressures, Jr.).

About 70 people attended the meeting. Mr W. Pearson was reappointed Vicar’s warden and Dr W. J. McClair people’s warden. All the sidesmen were re-elected with the exception of Mr Cyril Thornton (who is prevented from carrying out such duties by his services as a choir men) and the following were elected members of the Parochial church council: J. G. Millington, G. Precious, R. Tatton, N. Hulley, H. Baker, F. Stekchius , E. Greathead, Dr B. M, Bell and Mesdames Crowcroft. Hunt, Westlake, Baker, Greathead, Chattel, Elmhurst, J. Urch and Miss Olive Sleaford. Messrs. H. Fowler and J. Proctor were appointed Ruri-Decanal conference representatives and Mrs McClure and Mrs G. F. Braithwaite Diocesan Conference representatives.

The revenue account showed a total income of £971 18s 2d, of which £430 4s 11d was received in parish church offertories, £19 17s 11d in Clifton offertories, £78 17s 6d from the parish magazine, £185 16s 8d in special efforts, and £170 1s 7d for the Church in Action scheme. The Fabric Account, from which was invested £100 in defence bonds, had a balance in hand of £31 4s 4d. At the end of the year a total income of £171 8s 9d.

The bell ringers reported that the interior masonry of the parish church tower was in a crumbling state, and it was decided to give the matter immediate action. It was also agreed that a men’s party should be held for the male members of the church council, the choir, sidesman and bell ringers.

After the meeting refreshments were served, and members of the congregation presented musical items and children gave costumed dances.