£25,000 Will of Well Known Conisbrough Man

August 1951

South Yorkshire Times, August 4th, 1951

£25,000 Will of Well Known Conisbrough Man

Mr. C. E. Webster of Bamber Avenue, Bispham, Blackpool, who died May 31st 1949 left £25,079 (n.p. £12,564).

He left £20 to the trustees of the Baptist church Conisbrough in memory of his father and mother “two of the best”.

His interest in Webster’s stores, Newhill, Conisbrough, money standing to the credit of his No. 1 account National Provincial Bank, Conisbrough, £1,500 and his freehold house, 5 Doncaster Road, to his son, Gordon (he to pay all debts owed in connection with the said business); £1000 and 72, Park Road Conisbrough to his daughter Christine on attaining the age of 21; £25 to Ernest Elston; £2,000 to his wife, and the use of his residency during widowhood, then to his daughter, Christine.

Properties in Park Road, Doncaster Road and Ivanhoe Road, Conisbrough and Wellington Street, Whittington, upon trust for his wife during widowhood and then equally to his said son and daughter and the residue to his wife absolutely.