Kindly Gesture by Conisbrough Boys – Party Money Given Away

April 1956

South Yorkshire Times April 14, 1956

Kindly Gesture by Conisbrough Boys
Party Money Given Away

Boys of Northcliffe Modern School, Conisbrough, through competitions raised 16s to be put towards a fund for Christmas parties and seaside trips this summer. But the boys of form 4Bc decided that they would not use the money for themselves but would give it to an old-age pensioner, Mr Ernest Bonnett, of 29, March Street, Conisbrough, after reading a report in the “South Yorkshire Times” of the loss of his gardening tools and the ransacking of his garden.

Mr Bonnett saw the children coming to his house and assumed they were making a collection for some cause. But received a pleasant surprise that they told him there intentions.

“They must be a very kind-hearted lot at that school” said Mr Bonnett.

Only a few weeks ago boys from the school made donations to Conisbrough and Denaby over 60’s clubs and the old People’s welfare committee for the fund to build an old People’s welfare centre.

Mr Bonnett has bought a spade with the money.