Conisborough By Election – Heavy Poll – Labour Party Majority on the Council

April 1926

Mexborough and Swinton Times April 16, 1926

Conisborough By Election
Heavy Poll
Labour Party Majority on the Council.

The by-election in the North Ward of the Conisborough Urban District last Saturday aroused great interest, and a good deal of work was put in by the various candidates. There was much activity during the day, and one Labour enthusiast riding a cycle decked out in red, was attired in the same colour from head to foot. The bell tolled mournfully as he slowly progressed around Denaby seemed somewhat incongruous, but it rang merrily enough about 9.15, when the poll was declared.

There was a steady stream of elections at the polling station, and when the last vote had been recorded it was found that a record poll had been made. 833 voting papers have been issued – an 80%. poll.

The figures were announced inside the polling station, Balby Street School, to a small crowd which was admitted at 9-10 p.m. And there was much cheering for Mr Collins, when he stood up to propose a vote of thanks to the returning officer. This was seconded by Mr H. H. Wray and supported by Mr T. C. Swinbourne.

Mr J. T. E. Collins said he thanked those workers who had been true to working-class principles. It would be their duties as a Labour party, with a majority on the council, to work in the best interests of all the workers. He exhorted those present to see to it that they always returned Labour Party candidates.

The following were the figures:

  1. T. E. Collins (Lab)… 421
  2. H. Wray (Ind)… 261
  3. C. Swinbourne (Ex-Service)… 135