Parochial Tea And Entertainment At Conisborough (video and song)

April 1896

Mexborough & Swinton Times, April 10, 1896

Parochial Tea And Entertainment At Conisborough.

The annual parochial tea and entertainment, in connection with St. Peter’s Parish Church, was held yesterday at Conisborough. Tea was provided in the Sunday School and was well attended, trays being given by the ladies and gentlemen of the congregation, the following being those who subscribed for this purpose or presided at the tea:

Mr. Walker (tray presided over by Mrs. Crookes), Mrs. Appleyard (Hilltop), Mrs. McCall, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. T. Booth, Mrs. W. W. Norwood, Mr. F. Ogley, Mrs. Greathead, Mrs. W. Clarkson, Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Gibson, Miss. Boomer, Mrs. Woodyeare, Mrs. Nicholson, Mrs Craik (subscriber), Mrs. Chambers (subscriber), Mrs. Gabbitas and Mrs. Stock.

The entertainment was held in the Board Schools, Mr. Godfrey Walker, J.P., presiding.

The Vicar, the Rev. G. H. Stock, in the course of a brief address congratulated the Churchmen of Conisborough upon their unity, and remarked that the present was a time when Churchmen ought to be thoroughly unanimous and one at hear. (Hear, hear.) He referred to the condition of the churchyard, which he described as disgraceful, and said he thought a committee might be formed to take up the question and place the churchyard in something like the state it ought to be (Hear, hear.)

The entertainment was then proceeded with the following being the programme: –

Piano duet’ ‘Quirvive,’ Mrs. Denson and Miss Gill;
song’ ‘The city of the sea,’ Miss Ethel Robert;
song, ‘Little hero,’ Mr. Geo. Clarkson;
song, ‘The children’s home,’ Miss Thomson;
duet, ‘ Carnival of Venice,’ Misses Ella and Hilda Morley;
song, ‘Quite English, you know,’ encore, ‘Tommy Atkins,’ Mr. H. Dallow;
recitation, ‘Bill Adams,’ encore, ‘Poor old hat,’ Mr. W. Moore;
song, ‘Tell me how to woo thee’ Mr. George Clarkson;
song, ‘In 1901,’ Mr. A. Wilson; violin solo, Mr. Harold Sharp;
song, ‘The bay of Biscay,’ the Vicar;
reading the Rev. J. Crawford.

Mr. Gillott proposed a vote of thanks to Mr. Greathead for gratuitously erecting the concert platform, to the ladies providing and presiding at the tea tables, and to the artistes contributing to the entertainment.

Old Song Sheet of ‘Quite English you Know’

Quite English

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