£30 Haul from Hotel at Conisbrough

December 1959

South Yorkshire Times December 5, 1959

£30 Haul from Hotel at Conisbrough

Goods worth over £30 were stolen from the Fox Inn, Conisbrough during the early hours on Monday morning.

The licensee, Mr. Joe Auty, told a “South Yorkshire Times” reporter this week that the hotel was of the largest in Conisbrough.

There were about 20 rooms, some of which were disused.

“We are quite used to hearing noises in the early hours of the morning. The intruders got in some time after two o’clock. It is quite possible that we heard them. If we did I doubt if we would have taken any notice.”

The theft was discovered by Mr. Auty at about eight o’clock. The thieves, who entered through a small window were quite particular. They stole only the choicest liqueurs — Benedictine, Drambuie, Chartreuse and cherry brandy — from the shelves.

Several boxes of chocolates were stolen, but apparently the intruders had a conscience—a stocking, containing about £2 for the blind, was left untouched.         ,

Conisbrough police are investigating.