Council Interested In Conisbrough’s Search for Cricket Field

November 1946

South Yorkshire Times, November 16, 1946

Council Interested In Conisbrough’s Search for Cricket Field

The will to revive Conisbrough to its former status, when it competed with distinction in the old Mexborough league, was the keynote of the 76th annual meeting of Conisbrough cricket, bowls and tennis club, in Victoria rooms, Conisbrough, on Tuesday when members gave consideration to the problem of securing a ground to replace Piggott’s enclosure, lost after more than 70 years occupation.

Mr T. Kelly presided, and the secretary. Mr W. Thompson, reported that they had been unsuccessful in obtaining the field at the top of Highfield Road, but the club were now negotiating with the local council regarding a field near the isolation hospital.

The social committee were warmly thanked for their enthusiastic efforts in raising more than £86 in 12 months, and tribute was paid to Ellis Robinson, the Yorkshire player and one-time Conisbrough cricketer, on his 1946 performances.

In recognition of the magnificent service he has rendered during many years, Mr A. Thompson was elected an honorary life member of the club, and officials appointed were: president, Mr G. Hepworth; secretary, Mr W. Thompson; Asst Sec, Mr H. Humphreys; treasurer, Mr H. Ellis, Clapton, Mr A. Moore; vice captain ,Mr H. Humphrey; general committee, Mrs W. Hepworth. Mrs F. Skinner, and Messrs B. Cutts, Cook, F. Hare, W. Hepworth, H. Pete, F. Skinner and A. Thompson; selection committee Messrs. H. Ellis, W. Hepworth, T. Kelly, C. Milner, B. Saxton and the captain and vice captain; social committee tMesdames G. Hepworth. W. Hepworth. H. Humphreys. T. Boam. Miss Thompson, Messrs. W. Hepworth, E. Hubbard. F. Skinner and B. Saxton

Conisbrough Urban Council decided on Wednesday that the club should be asked to send a deputation to the next meeting of the Pleasure Grounds committee to discuss the club’s appeal for assistance. Councillor G. Oldfield stated that the committee had sympathy with the club in its plight.