320 Pupils are Tending a Plant Each

June 1966

South Yorkshire Times June 25 1966

320 Pupils are Tending a Plant Each

Children at Conisbrough Morley Place Jr School are bringing the beauty of nature to their hundred years old school in an experiment pioneered by the headmaster Mr W.C. James will stop

each of the 320 boys and girls in the school has set a young plant somewhere round the exterior of the school and it will be their job to tend, water and weed their own plan for the rest of the year.

The school is surrounded by window boxes, troughs, tubs, hanging baskets and garden plots, and all are now planted out with the children very own flowers, provided by Mr W Swift, of Conisbrough Urban Council Parks Department.


Mr James said: “This is an invaluable part of the children’s education; it is only by watching their plants grow that many children in this area will grow to love and appreciate nature.”

He also believes that is experiment could have an effect on vandalism in the township. “When the children have their own plants to look after, they will not expect a listed damage them; this in turn will give them more respect for plant set out in public places and gardens,” Mr Young said.