Denaby’s Link With Germany

January 1967

South Yorkshire Times January 14, 1967

Denaby’s Link With Germany

Denaby’s ties with the West German town of Barfelde have been strengthened by a gift and a letter brought back by a Denaby visitor to Germany.

The association sprang up last year when a party of young people from the Barfelde sports community visited Denaby and later a party from the Tom Hill youth centre returned the visit.

He Was Invited

The German party was accompanied by the mayor, Herr Warnecks, and District Games Officer, Herr Slevert, at a civic reception given by Conisbrough Council, the chairman of the council, Coun. A. Hayward, was invited to join the Tom Hill party to Germany which he did.

As a result of a friendship struckup during the exchange, 19 year old Mr Tom O’Neill, of Annerley Street, Denaby Main, spent Christmas and New Year in Barfelde at the home of Inga and Werne Renza and their parents.

Mr O’Neill, an NCB plumber, was both surprised and delighted to be met at the airport by the Mayor, Herr Warnecks, as well as by Herr Renze. “I knew I should get a warm welcome, but I never expected to be made such a fuss of as I was,” he said.

As a Gift

One day during his visit Herr Stevert took Tom to a sports shop and bought a match football as a gift from the young people of Barfelde to members of the Tom Hill youth centre and “as a token of our continuing friendship.” And before he left, Tom was given an official letter for Coun. Hayward from Herr Warnecks, making provisional arrangements for a further exchange visit this year.

Tom Hill youth leader, Mr Sid Stones, said “I had no idea about the football until Tom arrived with it, it is a first class ball, and I am having a team photograph taken with it to send to Barfelde.”