Denaby Utd – Rotherham Town 6 Denaby 1 – Soundly Thrashed.

January 1907

Mexborough and Swinton Times January 19, 1907

Midland League

Denaby Soundly Thrashed.

Rotherham Town 6 Denaby 1

You never really know, you know,
when football is a game,
and the issue with a well matched foe,
if the ending will be tame,
or whether, on the other hand,
one team will get a blow,
a licking by a better band
you really never know!

You never really know, you know,
it’s not wise to prophesy,
one team can make the goal just flow,
and play to win or die; whilst the other,
equals as to form,
has peforce to drop below,
like ancient Greece, like famous Rome
you really never know!

You really never know
just see, last Saturday’s famous game,
when Rotherham’s foeman,
Denaby, came to win undying fame;
when Rotherham town to Denaby when,
they were treated just like dough,
but a week ago, to win they meant,
you really never know!

You never really know – for look,
Ere the match was finish quiet,
The town a sweet revenge they took,
and smote Denaby in their might;
at Denaby now, there’s sorrow deep,
at Rotherham’s heart aglow,
while some have joy, the others weep
you really never know!

Stanser gained the verdict in the spin of the coin, and Hopkinson started for Denaby. Heppenstall opened the game with a long sweeping movement, but Harrop was offside: Dyal worked prettily, and Nimrod put in a dangerous shot.

Rotherham retaliated, and Pynegar evaded W. Westwood and Lawley. The home forward crossed accurately, but no one was up to convert. Immediately afterwards, another cross from the home right was allowed to go a begging E. Eyre and Brown both being at fault.The town began to show up, but a foul against Stancer drove them back, they came again, however and E. Eastwood beat lowly, and drove across finely. Eyre met the ball with his head, and easily converted

The United played up pluckily, however, and initiated some dangerous movements. Two minutes later Eyre received, and evading Nimrod, netted beautifully, Brown having no chance.

Bad feeling was introduced, Stancer and Harrop, and Leighton and Nimrod being the aggressors.

A cross by Eyre was edited out by Lawley, and from the ensuing kick Rowlands scored an easy goal

The Denaby forwards showed pretty combination, but the backs were totally inadequate to cope with the Rotherham forwards. A couple of corners accrued to Rotherham, and these only demonstrated the weakness of the visitors defence. Brown seemed nervous in goal, and, Lawley was especially impotent. The play of the forwards was there one redeeming feature. Eyre and Harriet broke through, but Harrop shot wide with an open goal.

Rotherham continued their aggressive play, and Merryweather notched another easy point. Rotherham E. Westwood, from long range added number five,

half-time: Rotherham town 5 Denaby 0

On resuming, some effective exchanges by the home forwards were spoiled by offside. The visitors got down, and Tomkinson shot out. The game was stopped through stance fouling carrot. But W. Westwood shot wildly over,
following a period of pressure on the home goal, E. Eyre dribbled in his characteristic style, beating all opponents and sending in a deadly centre.
Pynegar, with an open goal, skied the ball among the standard spectators.

From a corner, splendidly placed by Rowlands, Pynegar headed a glorious goal. Nimrod was hurt whilst heading the ball, and left the field. Lawley deliberately stopped the ball with his arm, and a penalty was awarded the town, but Leighton shot over. The visitors returned the attack, and Harrop scored a clever goal in the finished manner.

Result: Rotherham town 6 goals Denaby 1 goal.