Denaby Utd – Denaby 1 Nottingham Forest Res 4 – Mastered but unbowed

February 1937

Mexborough and Swinton Times February 19, 1937

Tough Tussle
Denaby Muddy but unbowed
Nottingham’s mastery

Denaby United 1 Nottingham Forest Reserves 4

Saturday’s greasy arena for the Grimsby game was a green pasture where Monday inch deep quadmire was concerned. It was atrocious, and a constant downpour of rain didn’t help at all. It was not an uninteresting game. On the whole, Notts fared better than their opponents, and while never approaching the Grimsby standard, were usually sharpshooters whenever an opportunity presented itself.

Denaby, particularly in the first half received equally stout support from their halfback line as Notts, but the “big push” lasted only three quarters of the journey; there was never anyone there to press home the obvious advantage.

It was in that respect that Notts took the plaudits of the first half. They had a lively leader, who received and distributed  freely, and the result was a really useful series of quick, purposeful raids.

That is, as quick as the mud would allow! Worse was to be!

First Half Lapse

There might quite reasonably have been no score in the first half but for an unfortunate lapse which gave Notts a penalty kick. Simpson beat Tremain with a lightning drive which hardly left the floor..

Thanks to the mud

Notts increased their slender advantage after only a few minutes in the second half – but they had only the mud to thank for it. An absolute simple slow-moving punt by Simpson trickled over the intervening ground goalwards. Tremain sprang to meet it – and slipped. I don’t think the ball actually reached the back of the net so slowly was it travelling. It was a disheartening blow but if Notts had proved faster on the boat that point it was as far as they got.

The game swung, Denaby dictated and Betts scored. This was two or three minutes later.

Notts got through time and time again only to be thwarted up to a point. The point was when Dent at Tremain out of goal and found an open goal to shoot at.

After that it was a “dazzling” Notts who swarmed into the Denaby goal. It was from one of these moves that Burgin got the fourth goal. – The best of the match.