Mexborough Crash – Visiting Policeman Knocked Out

July 1927

Mexborough and Swinton Times July 8, 1927

A Mexborough Crash
Visiting Policeman Knocked Out

A collision between a motorcycle and a motor car at the corner of Adwick Road, Mexborough, resulted in Frank Dobson, a Conisborough engineer being summoned at Doncaster on Tuesday for having driven a motorcar to the danger of the public.

Mr W Lindsay Crawford, who defended, pleaded “not guilty.”

Police Constable Leonard Randall Eldred, of the Shropshire Constabulary said he was stationed at Ludlow. On June 19 he was driving a motor cycle along Bank St, Mexborough with a young lady on the pillion. He was travelling at about 10 miles an hour, and as he approached the corner of Adwick Road, a motorcar driven by the defendant came in the opposite direction at from 20 to 25 miles an hour, on the wrong side of the road, and run in to witness head on.

Witness applies brakes, drew further to the left into the gutter, but he was flung over the handlebars and rendered unconscious. The machine was badly damaged.

Lillian Plant, single, of 45 Charles St, Swinton, was riding on the pillion, gave evidence. She was injured about these shoulder, ribs and legs.

PC Martindale said the off side from Wales a motorcar was badly buckle, and the tyre was half off. The windscreen was smashed on the off side. The motorcycle cylinder fins were smashed and the exhaust was bent, while the front wheel was buckled and the tyre and inner tube torn off. Witness saw the defendant later and told him he would be reported, and he replied, “I had to swerve around a stationary motorcycle standing in the road.”

The case was adjourned.

When the hearing resumed on Wednesday, a 40 years old boy George Hattersley gave evidence, and said a motorcyclist came round the crossing on his wrong side and cross over onto his right side. The motorcycle ran into the car, which was stationary at the time of impact.

Without calling on evidence for the defence, the Bench dismissed the case.