Denaby & Cadeby – Denaby 301 for 1 L.N.E.R. 185 – Denaby’s Great Pair

July 1927

Mexborough and Swinton Times July 15, 1927

Denaby’s Great Pair
233 Partnership in 110 Minutes
More Records Gone

Denaby and Cadeby 301 for 1                     L.N.E.R. 185

Tibbles and Greenwood surpassed themselves at Denaby on Saturday. They put up their own record for the first wicket, the record for the district, and as far as we know the record for the Yorkshire Council competition.

In an hour and 50 minutes they scored 233 off the LNER Bowling. After Tibbles was out the total was carried to 310 without further loss.

LNER bowlers have had some severe trouncings since they have played in the Council but never one like Saturdays. Greenwood has probably never batted better. He never gave a chance throughout the innings of just over two hours. His share of the 233 for the first wicket was 128. After Tibbles departure he added 52 while Arthur Volland’s made 19 in the 15 minutes longer that the innings was continued. Of those 25 came off one over by Ford – four sixes and a single. He four times hit the ball out of the ground, and altogether hit six sixes and 25 fours – 136 of his runs from boundary shots. It was magnificent cricket.

Tibbles to batted with the utmost confidence and skill Tilly was 95 then he gave his first chance; a lofted ball which Whiting made a good effort to get hold of. Tibbles did not settle down again after the letter I was out when he had scored 14 more. He also batted grandly and it three sixes and 14 fours.

The terrific rate of scoring alone enabled Denaby to win, for the weak attack could not force a win till the last few minutes of time have been entered. A Robinson was the more successful Denaby bowler with four wickets for 38 runs. During the game 14 bowlers were tried – 8 by LNER and 6by Denaby.