Garden Party at Conisborough.

August 1897

Mexborough and Swinton Times August 13, 1897

Garden Party at Conisborough.

On Saturday Mr and Mrs Chambers of the Dale, invited about 30 members of the Denaby First Aid and Nursing Class to a garden party.

The members assembled at four, and the proceedings terminated at 7.30. The Denaby church choir string band added much to the pleasure of the gathering by rendering several choice selections.

After tea 26 certificates were distributed to the successful lady candidates. In order to show appreciation in which the ladies held their lectures, Dr Gilchrist, Mr Chambers, on behalf of the members presented this gentleman with a choice travelling bag.

Dr Gilchrist, in reply, said that he had now one testimony that the ladies liked him whether his future work did or not. Miss Evans, the hon secretary of the class, read the financial statement. Which showed a balance in hand of £1 0s 6d.

The rest of the time was spent in games. Mr Witty, the hon secretary of the men’s class was also present.