Denaby & Cadeby – Denaby 58 for 1 Mexborough 161 for 6 dec – Slow Scoring in Derby

August 1927

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Monday 15 August 1927

Slow Scoring in “Local Derby.” 

Denaby 58 for 1        Mexborough 161 for 6 dec

The “local Derby” between Denaby and Mexborough drew a big crowd to Denaby’s ground, but  it did not provide much excitement.

Mexborough batted for three hours and ten minutes, and there was  a great, deal of “barracking” from the crowd. After an hour’s play Mexborough had not scored 50.  Denaby had only 90 minutes left.

They lost  Greenwood in the second over, but Carlin and Tibbles  plaved out time.


Mexborough.— W. B. Broadhead, c Carlin, b  Palmer 27 : L. Burkinshaw. C G. L. Robinson, b  L. Palmer. 25; B. Senior, c Clarkson, b  Palmer,  25; C. Kilner, not out, 30: D. Brown b Palmer, 6:  T. Ambler, c Tibbles, G. L. Robinson, 34, G. Williams, run out, 7; F. Copeland, not out, 0; extras,  2; total (for 6 wickets, declared), 161.

Denaby and Cadeby —T. Greenwood, c Copeland,  b Ambler, 1; F. Tibbles, not out, 18; R.  Carlin, not out, 27; extras, 12; total (for 1 wicket), 58.