Conisborough Assault Case

November 1897

Mexborough and Swinton Times November 19 1897

A Conisborough Assault Case

Frederick Middleton,  sadler, Conisborough was charged with assaulting Ada Lee at Conisborough on November 6.

Mr Baddeley appeared for the defendant.

It appeared that the defendant had some harness hung outside the shop, and the complainant began playing with it. The defendant came out twice and sent her away but she returned, and he then brought out a whip and struck her with it, discolouring her face and cutting her lip.

Several witnesses to support to the assault, and to the mark of the whip on the child’s face.

PC Duffin said a complaint was made to him, and he found the child’s face marked as though a whiplash had struck her.

For the defence it was stated that the child calls the defendant annoyance, and he went out to frighten away from the front of his shop, taking with him a whip, and that when “cracking” it to startle her she was struck by the lash, and evidence to this effect was given by his assistant.

Fined 29 shillings including costs