Dispute – New Dispute over Check Weighman

December 1878

Mexborough Times, December 13.

Another dispute at Denaby Main Colliery.

We understand that the men at the above colliery have again ceased work. It appears that after the last dispute had been settled. The miners went to their work on the fifth inst. But their check weighman was objected to by the manager.

A deputation waited on the manager. The following day, and according to the menĀ“s statement, he agreed for the check weighman to go to his work again, and he did so.

On Monday, however, the manager came to the pit Hill and told Marsland, the check weighman that he was not to go on the premises again. As a result of this act, on the part of the manager the men all ceased work on Wednesday.

It is to be regretted that an eruption should be so soon have taken place between the Masters and men at this colliery, we trust that the breach will soon be remedied. The main one and all appear highly indignant at the treatment of their check weighman (Mr Marsland) for whom they hold the greatest respect, he having worked for them over nine years. The men stay that no one will be resumed until he is reinstated.

The following circular was issued by the committee:

” Our check weighman has been in our employee, since September 1869. He has always tended to his work, served those as a class of men honourably and faithfully as a servant. He has never violated any of the rules or impeded the working of the colliery, and for what reason our manager or the company have taken this undue advantage of him we are at a loss to know. We think you will agree with us for taking the course we have done as a matter of principle.

Shall we allow the manager to go on to the pit hill and discharge our check weighman after a minutes notice for no cause whatever, which is contrary to Act of Parliament? Now we feel confident, if this thing is allowed,

there is no telling where it will end.

We feel sure that you will sympathise with those under these trying circumstances to the best of your ability, until right against might is obtained.”