50 Years in Mining – William Henry Thomas

March 1964

South Yorkshire Times, March 21.

50 Years in Mining.

After service at Cadeby Main Colliery covering half a century, Conanby miner, and NUM branch committee member, Mr William Henry Thomas (65), retired on Saturday.

Mr Thomas, of 4 Barnsley Avenue, started work at Cadeby in 1914, and although he served for 2 1/2 years with the Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry during the First World War, he returned to the colliery where he has worked ever since.

Until 1942 he was underground, but then he transferred to the surface as a crane driver. For the last 12 years. Mr Thomas has served on the N.U.M.Branch Committee and was previously a member of the Checkweigh Fund Committee until 1947.

He has been a member of the Conisbrough Ivanhoe Working men’s club for about 20 years.

Both Mr Thomas and his wife Annie originate from Staffordshire. They have four girls and a boy.

Their 19 years old son David was formerly at Mexborough Grammar School and is now in his first year at Shoreditch Teachers Training College.

Today (Friday) Mr Thomas is to be is presented with a gift from his colleagues at the pit, at the Lord Conyers Hotel, Conisbrough.