52 years “in the field” – Head of Sporting Family Quits (picture)

September 1967

South Yorkshire Times September 23, 1967

52 years “in the field” and the Head of a Sporting Family Quits

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Retiring Umpire, Mr George H Taylor, of 11 Barton Place, Conisbrough with his two sportsman sons, Colin (left) and Peter

It started at Mexborough Cricket club. The  late WP Turner, former managing director of the “Times” came along one day and told the groundsman to let us have a go with the bat.

“I was one of the lads. Another was Mr Herbert Turner, who is now president of the Doncaster league. Later Mr Turner arranged friendly matches with other local lads, and Mr Taylor’s interest in cricket was born..

I was interested in both cricket and football, he said. I played four years for Conisbrough first G and played football with Mexborough Town in the Midland league and later with Denaby United.

About 25 years ago. Mr Taylor decided to give up active play – he was a leading batsmen and wicket-keeper and then took an examination of umpiring.

“I carried on as an umpire local cricket and enjoyed every minute of the last 25 years, and I enjoyed all matches – in friendly just as well as Yorkshire Council, Mr Taylor added.

His Sons Two

With Mr. Taylor’s interest in sport, it was not surprising that his sons to are keen sportsman. In fact, Colin, who lives at 1, Ellershaw Lane, Conisbrough, is a Yorkshire league referee and football league linesman, and Peter, of 5, St Georges Avenue, Swinton, is a former Gainsborough Trinity, Sheffield Wednesday and Rotherham United player, and now a scout for Derby County.

“One of my last jobs was to umpire the West Riding Police Chiefs Constable’s Cup match.” Said Mr Taylor. And I was very pleased to see some of the lads from this area in the winning Doncaster please team.

And I was also thrilled when I umpired the “wars of the Roses Yorkshire Police v Lancashire Police match.

A great honour was given to me when I was asked to umpire this year’s Mexborough evening league final between L. N. E. R. and Hickleton village at Adwick C.C.

“It was a grand finale to my innings in the middle of a cricket field.”