The “Character of Denaby Main”.

December 1899

Sheffield Independent – Saturday 02 December 1899

The “Character of Denaby Main”.

The following memorial has been issued: —

” We, the undersigned, having ample opportunity of knowing the village of Denaby Main, and coming daily, into contact with its people, desire to make known our opinion that the article appearing under the title ‘The Worst Village in England ‘ in the November 8th issue of the ‘Christian Budget’ is such a gross exaggeration of the facts as to be a mere caricature:

.Joseph Brookes, B.A.. vicar of Denaby Main:

T.H. Kavanagh. rector. Denaby Main (Roman Catholic);
Joseph Forster, M.B.C.M.
F.Graham Twigg, resident surgeon:
Caleb Kilner, glass manufacturer;
George Edwards, churchwarden and tradesman;
John Hoyle, schoolmaster;
John Dixon, secretary D.M. Lodge Yorkshire Miners’ Union :
John Kilner Bateson, glass works manager;
Albert Henry Noble, manager, Co-operative Society:
Jesse Hill, secretary of Institute and Librarian:
Moses Soar, conductor of Orchestral and Choral Society:
Annie E. Kaye’ clerk to Denaby Parish Council;
William Birkin, lodge secretary N.I.O. Oddfellows and secretary of Ambulance Class;
Henry Baker, secretary. ‘Fullerton’ Court of Foresters;
Athur Hammond, secretary. ‘Montiagu’ Lodge of Druids;
Fred Fisher, hon. Secretary, U.C.C.;
R.Dunn, hon. secretary. Denaby U.F.C.