Isolation of Old Denaby – Creates Health Service Problem

April 1950

South Yorkshire Times April 1, 1950

Isolation of Old Denaby

Creates Health Service Problem

‚ÄĚThis is only one of the problems arising, from our isolation from the R.D.C..” said Councillor D. Gavan. Chairman of Old Denaby Parish Council and Doncaster R.D.C. representative, when a complaint was made at Tuesday’s annual parish meeting that there was no district nurse to serve the village and that children had to travel to Doncaster to receive clinical treatment. A case was instanced where a child was unable to receive such treatment as her mother was ill and I unable to accompany her.

Counncilor Cavan said the nearest point within the Doncaster Rural District was Edlington. and to be ¬†connected with an office in Edlington was not a good thing. “Absolutely crazy ” was the comment of the Clerk of the Council, Mr. R. Dunn.

Mrs. G. Wright. Headmistress of Old Denaby School, proposed that amalgamation be sought with a nearer authority than the Doncaster Rural Council. but Councillor Gavan said it was a very important question and one which would need to be discussed at a special meeting. It would have to be decided whether amalgamation was desired with a rural community or an urban district andLit would be a long and slow process

It was agreed that investigations should be made by the Clerk into the possibility of obtaining emergency medical services from Mexborough or Denaby.