Youngest Councillor at Conisbro’ (picture)

July 1969

South Yorkshire Times May 17, 1969

Youngest Councillor at Conisbro’

The annual meeting of Conisbrough Urban Council has been fixed for Wednesday, May 21st,when the Citizens’ Association¬† ¬†will be represented at a council meeting for the first time.

Association Vice-Chairman, Mr. Alan Duffty, who at 24 is the youngest Councillor we know of in the Mexborough area, was sworn in with Messrs Tony Greathead and Fred Fawkes on Tuesday.

The results of the election is that the Labour Party have a majority of nine on the council, And missing from the scene for the first time in 38 years is Mr. Bob Shepherd, who has been Chairman of the Council on five separate occasions.

Said successful Association candidate Mr. Tony Greathead, “We are very pleased with the results of the election, and it will spur us on for next year.

“We think these results prove that opposition is something the people were embarrassed this time, wanting for some time. Perhaps people were thinking we would be a ‘seven-day-wonder,’ but now that they see we are here to stay we may get even more votes next year. They will not be reluctant to support us,” he said.

“We have learned a lot from this campaign, and although I have been told the election turnover was well above average, I think it could be even better.

“The party will basically be learning the ropes at first when we attend council meetings, but we will keep a watchful eye open for opportunities.”

One thing, he said, they will be pressing for from the start will be open general meetings at which members of the public can air their grievances.

Said Mr. Tony Greathead, “We feel there ought to be some means of allowing the public to ask questions directly to the Council. Perhaps two or three times a year a general meeting could be held, and then any decisions made by the Council can be explained if necessary.”

Last night (Thursday) the Association held a general meeting, during which elections were held for the Executive Committee and Officials.