Denaby Not Wicked – Spirited Reply By Vicar – “All Twaddle.”

May 1930

Sheffield Independent – Thursday 15 May 1930

Denaby Not Wicked.

Spirited Reply By Vicar.

“All Twaddle.”

Interviewed last night regarding the statements made the Wesleyan Synod, Barnsley, yesterday to the effect that Denaby was one of the wickedest places in the area, and that a preacher had a congregation of 11 on one occasion, the Vicar of Denaby, the Rev. S. Powley, strongly denied the allegations. “As far as his church was concerned,” he said, “there was no truth whatever the statements. If was all “twaddle,” which had cropped many times before, Denaby was clean living any other district of its kind.” The vicar added that he did not wish to be drawn into any further argument.

Previous Attack.

Canon Leteux, the Homan Catholic priest, has also a strong church in Denaby and, although not available last night, his views are well-known, and his answer, no doubt, will be straight to the point as it has been In the past. A similar allegation was made some time ago and was then discounted by Canon Leteux. At that time he issued a challenge debate the question in public, but this challenge was not accepted.

Denaby remains undisturbed despite these charges. It can truthfully be said that the village has improved a great deal during recent years. One the older colliery villages, perhaps it has not the beauty of some of the more modern ones, but it is progressing on modern lines.