Conisbrough Savings Jump £20,000 to £107,000 in Year

May 1950

South Yorkshire Times, May 6 1950

Conisbrough Savings Jump £20,000 to £107,000 in Year

Despite the fact that the number of Street savings group fell by 14 in the year ended March 31, Conisbrough and Denaby’s small savings during the year jumped  to £107,600 an increase of £20,000 on the previous year, Conisbrough Savings Committee were advised on Friday.

Savings it was reported, were increasing week by week at the two local pits, Denaby and Cadeby, and it was from the Trustee Savings Bank through the direct transfer scheme at the pit that the jump in savings that come

The committee had before them a suggestion that the constituency saving’s commando team, with assistance from one or two women members of the committee might conduct a drive in the urban district for more street group secretaries.

Court D. Sheldon said he did not think the work of the street group secretaries had been sufficiently appreciated at headquarters and thought they were going to have difficulty in getting street group secretaries.

Mr. E G. Robyns, Assistant Commissioner for the savings constituency, replied that the savings movement regarded the street group secretary as the backbone of the movement. Every retiring street group secretary received a letter of thanks from himself and those with long service a letter from headquarters. That was the only recognition they could give. The nation would object if they paid money.

Mr. Robyns felt that the commando team in a four days’ drive would obtain 30 group secretaries. always providing that they received help from some women members of the committee.

Coun. Sheldon felt that street group secretaries wanted a little encouragement while they, were working.

Mr. Robyns said that that was the duty of the Committee.

It was mentioned that one group secretary who had resigned had completed nine years’ service and Mr. J. Proctor said that his record was “wonderful”

It was a difficult job to get anybody to do anything for nothing, especially in these days, he said, ‘I think the case of the man with nine years’ service is wonderful. I raise my hat to these people who are doing it. ‘

A decision on the question of a drive was deferred to the Committee s annual meeting and it was decided to invite group officials to a supper to follow the meeting.