Conisbrough War Memorial Violated by Vandals

May 1950

South Yorkshire Times May 20, 1950

Conisbrough War Memorial Violated by Vandals

Vandalism to Conisbrough’s striking war memorial in Coronation Park drew a sharp reproof yesterday from Coun. G. Cheshire, chairman of Conisbro’ Urban – Council Recreation Grounds Committee,

Wreaths laid at the foot of the memorial by sorrowing parents have been hurled 12 feet on to the figure of a soldier-at-arms which dominates the memorial, with such violence that the bayonet and part of the muzzle of the soldier’s rifle have been swished off to the extent of about two feet.

The matter has been officially reported to the Urban Council, and Coun. Cheshire told a “South Yorkshire Times” reporter yesterday: ” Something has got to be done to stop this vandalism. I know my Committee will back me in authorising prosecutions if the miscreants can be traced. I am hoping that the Council will offer a reward to any person who can provide information that will lead to a prosecution,”

Coun. Cheshire added that he thought the reward should be substantial.

People who laid wreaths on the memorial had a right to every Protection, he said. They must have complete freedom to remember their lost ones, and he was sure that the Council would not tolerate conduct of that kind.