Conisboro’ Notes – Stone Throwing – Narrow Escape

June 1910

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 25 June 1910

Conisboro’ Notes.

Stone Throwing.

This is becoming a dangerous practice among the younger generation. Last week two youths appeared at the local police court to answer a charge of throwing stones at the telegraph poles.

On Friday last week another boy, while throwing at something managed to hit a Church window.

Most farmers also complain of the large number of stones that have been wantonly thrown in their fields.

Perhaps swim little encouragement is offered to the youngsters when they see the number of loose stones that may be found in various streets.

Narrow Escape

What might have been case of drowning was averted on Monday, afternoon. Several schoolboys were bathing in the brook where it joins the river Don, when a strong current of water from Mr Turner’s mill carried one of the bathers, named Hilton beyond his depth, and he rapidly sank

But for the prompt action of a youthful watcher he certainly would have drowned had not this youth, without divesting himself of his clothing, plunged into the water and brought him to a place of safety.