Denaby Relief Fund – Presentation to Officials.

June 1920

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 05 June 1920

Denarby Relief Fund.

Presentation to Officials.

On Sunday evening, in the Large Hall. Mr. H.Hulley presided over a very small gathering on the occasion of a presentation to Mr. and Mrs. R. V. Bedford, on the winding up of the Denaby and Cadeby Collieries’ War Relief Fund.

The poor attendance was perhaps attributable to the fact that the Committee had not advertised the event. Mr. Bedford it will be remembered was on the formation of the fund appointed general secretary, and has faithfully and zealously stuck to it throughout the war, and up to the winding up. He has been greatly helped by his wife, who acted as secretary for the Conisboro’ district, and also did good work in connection with the Belgian refugees, and by Mr. J. Engledow and Mr. J. Dunk, who acted as assistant secretaries for the east and west end of Denaby.

When this fund was started it had a big committee, but this dwindled down to just a faithtul few. Mt. Hulley gave full details of the funds (which have already been given in this paper). and he also mentioned the great part the Colliery company had taken. It was said that some 250,000 relief tickets, had been made out and there had been 3,000 men on the books.

Mr. G. B. Robinson, an ex-Service man, proposed a hearty vote of thanks to Mr. and Mrs Bedford, to the assistant secretaries and committee, and to the Denaby and Cadeby Colliery Company.

The presentation consisted of a massive silver tea service and tray, suitably inscribed. Mr. and Mrs. Bedford acknowledged the gifts.

Mr. W. L. Worsley gate an account of the Heroes’ Fund and the number of presentation that had been made, and Mr. A. Roberts referred in general to the work which had been done by those who went to the war.

During the evening .elect ions were given by the Mexboro’ Railwaymen’s Choir, and also the Excelsior quartet party, and duet, by Messrs. J. Clark and A. Butler.