Denaby Builder Fined – Timber Control Offence

June 1950

South Yorkshire Times June 17, 1950

Denaby Builder Fined

Timber Control Offence

Fines totalling £10, including costs, were imposed by Doncaster West Riding Magistrates on Tuesday on Sidney George Burdett, builder, Wheatley Street, Denaby, for making false statements to obtain timber and using softwood otherwise than in accordance with the Control of Timber Order.

Mr. T. E. Dale, prosecuting for the Board of Trade, said that Burdett stated that the wood was for repairs to houses at Conisbrough and Denaby Main, but it was not used for this purpose.

Said Mr. A. Green (defending): “The statements were not entirely false. He decided to get a bulk supply which would last him for some time. The wood was not wasted, but was used for legitimate work.”

He tired of waiting and filling in forms, Mr Green said.