Birley Spa. – Conisboro’ Man’s Purchase.

August 1929

Mexborough and Swinton Times August 23, 1929

Birley Spa.

Conisboro’ Man’s Purchase.

The little health resort known as Birley Spa. near Sheffield, has been purchased by Mr. Wm. Smith, of the Boathouse, Conisbro , and may be re-opened to the public.

The Spa, which is situated between Hackenthorpe and Normanton Springs, was at one time quite a famous pleasure resort; so popular, indeed that in 1843;, the owner, Earl Manvers, was moved to erect a permanent building and baths there. In 1913 the Spa was sold by Earl Manvers to the late Mr. George Moulson, of Woodhouse, from whose executors it has now been purchased by Mr. Smith.

The history of the Spa, although comparatively short, is interesting. It is said that the curative properties of the water were accidentally discovered by a lady who frequently visited the spring to bathe there, and received such benefit from the waters that- the fame of the place spread throughout the district. It was not until the middle of the nineteenth century, however, that: a permanent building was established there. In 1843, as stated, seven baths were erected, and the spot became extremely popular. Towards the end of the century it reached the height of its fame, and then began to decline in popularity until it was almost forgotten.

To-day it is seldom visited except by ramblers, who delight in the beautiful scenery of the glen in which it is situated.