Neighbours Quarrel at Denaby.

July 1900

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 27 July 1900

Neighbours Quarrel at Denaby.

William Rollings, miner, Denaby, was summoned for haring used abusive language at Denaby on the 9th inst

Sarah Elkin, married woman, said the defendant called her foul names and said she was not legally married. The witness presented her marriage certificate and described the kind of language used by the defendant.

Margaret Hanson, another married woman, gave similar evidences.

The defendant, in his evidence, and the woman Elkin called him “nothing but everything” – because he would not assist in a fight with which her husband was engaged.

Mary Severn, a neighbour, said she was present while the row was in progress for part of the time. but she did not hear the defendant use abusive language.

William Brown, who lodges with the defendant, said he did not bear him use bad language. He only told Mrs. Elkin to go home and look after children.

William Sparkes was also called by the defendant, and said the defendant had lived with him nine months, and he had never heard him quarrel with any of the neighbours. He was present while the row was going on and be heard Mrs. Elkin make a nasty remark to the defendant. The only reply the defendant made was to tell her to go into the house, or he would tell her something.

The summons was dismissed.