Denaby & Cadeby – Denaby 192 for 8  Rotherham 190 – Wright’s 138 in 90 Minutes.

4 July 1930

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 04 July 1930

Great Batting at Denaby.

Wright’s 138 in 90 Minutes.

Denaby & Cadeby  192 for 8  Rotherham 190

Denaby brought of one of their beet feats of a successful season at Tickhill Square on Saturday. Rotherham batted 2 hours and 35 minutes for their 190 runs, leaving Denaby an hour and 55 minutes. Denaby hit off the runs with 15 minutes to spare, thanks almost entirely to a grand innings by Joe Wright, a 20 year-old member of the team, who scored a brilliant 138 in 90 minutes and retired unbeaten at the close. Mycroft was the only other Denaby batsman who got into double figures. Wright also took 2 Rotherham wickets for 33 runs. Holland got 3 for 45.

Wright hit 24 fours-80 of 138 runs by boundary shots. It was the highest innings of his short career and gave him an average of over 140 for his last seven matches with Denaby.

Greaves, of Rotherham, took 5 wickets for 55 runs.

Scores: —

Rotherham: H Turner F Clarkson b Jeffcote 12, W H Hepworth b Holland 27, W Ellis run out 2, A Rodgers c Downing b Hammond 19, H Winder c B Clarkson b Wright 95 Wiltshire b Holland 30, C Copley c F Clarkson b Wright 1; L Greaves b Downing 14, Wintle b Downing 14, J Feek not out 11, W Edwards st B Clarkson b Holland 10 extras 14; total 190.

Denaby.: H Foster c Windle b Greaves 8, N Hammond b Edwards J Wright not out 138, W Mycroft c Copley b Wintle 12, A Jones run out 9, F Clarkson b Greece, 1, B B Clarkson c Wintle b Greaves 5, W Holland c Winder b Greaves 1, J Smith st Feek b Greaves 0, C Downing not out 4, extras 8; total (for 8 wickets), 192.