On The Rocks – A Cayton Bay Mystery – Denaby Girls’ Adventure

August 1930

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 08 August 1930

 On The Rocks.

A Cayton Bay Mystery.

Denaby Girls’ Adventure

Who are the two Denaby girls coucerned in “the mystery of the rocks” at Cayton Hay? The question is on most people’s tongues in Denaby this week.

The “mystery” started on Wednesday of last week, when a telephone message was received at Scarboro’ from Clayton bay, stating that three people were stranded on the rocks at Radcliffe. The tide was rising, and Coxswain J Owston, of the Scarboro’ Lifeboat House, and a number of fishermen, at once hurried to the spot in a motor-boat. On arrival they found the rocks almost submerged, but no trace of the three people. Coastguards also made a fruitless search.

The matter was still a mystery until Tuesday of this week, when a letter was received by Coxswain Owston from Mr. W Kendall. of York, as follows:

“To thank you very much for all your trouble with respect to those three young people whom someone thought were stranded at Cayton Boy on those cliff points. One was my nephew, Frank Nicholson, 14, Ebor Street, York, and two others, young girl friends from Denaby, aged I9 and 23, so  you can believe it was all true. ‘

Someone from File had seen them. Accept this letter of thanks for all your efforts. God bless you. “Yours very sincerely William Kendall.”

The letter added that the nephew, aged 17, and the girls, got off the far side of the ridge and waded ankle deep through sand and sea to safety. The letter states definitely that two Denaby girls were concerned.

A “Times” representative toured Denaby on Wednesday afternoon to try to find the girls. He talked with residents at street corners, in public houses, shops, houses clubs; even asked the police to assist him, but his efforts were in vain. Everyone was interested, many were excited, and all were talking of the affair. but in answer to the question, “Do you know the girls?” or “Have you heard who the girls are?” the’ reply was always “We want to know that.” The mystery can be explained only by the I girls themselves, and they are evidently keeping very quiet about it.

Which is not to say that they will forget the little drama easily, in spite of the “happy ending.”