Denaby St. John Ambulance Brigade Band (picture)

October 1959

South Yorkshire Times, October 24, 1959

This photograph of Denaby St. John Ambulance Brigade Band was taken at Clayworth Hall, nr. Bawtry, 20 years ago.

It was loaned to us by Mr. J. W. Hallam, of 16, Conan Road, Conisbrough. Among those Included are: Mr. Frank Robinson. Mr. Jim Cooper, Mr. S. Hartley, Mr. Joe Miles, Mr. R. Gascoyne, Mr. W. Bulicroft, Sergeant Major L. Mosley, Mr. L. In lie Sergeant J. W. Hallam, Mrs. Chambers (wife of the late Mr. W. H. Chambers, General Manager of the old Denaby and Cadeby Collieries and son, Mr. R. Whittington, Mr. Joe Tetley, Mr. Thomas Jones, Mr. Sam Loates, Mr. Harry Hill, Mr. Billy Mosley, Mr. Alf Thompson and Mr. Birkett.