Denaby & Cadeby – Bentley 45 for 1  Denaby 44 – Veteran Unplayable.

8 August 1930

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 08 August 1930

Defeat For Denary.

Bentley Veteran Unplayable.

Bentley 45 for 1  Denaby & Cadeby 44

Denaby had a sorry time at Bentley where the colliery team obtained an easy victory by 9 wickets.

Denaby, had first knock, but loot their first three wickets for 8 runs. Robinson then made a stand for 13, but two “ducks” followed, and the best performance was that of R. Ogley, the 15-year-old son of a Conisborough magistrate who is home from St. Peter’s School, York. He got 16 before the wily veteran bowler removed his bails. The whole side was dismissed for 44.

Notwithstanding his 50 summers, J. Bower was almost unplayable. His slow break balls accounted for 7 wickets for 13 runs and Churchill, who took 3 wickets with 4 balls, finished up with for 18.


Denaby: E Tibbles c Hoskin b Bower 0, I Greenwood b Churchill 1, Probert b Bower 0, E Robinson lbw b Bower 13, J Richards c Mellor b Churchill 0, R Pattison c Wharton b Churchill 0, R Ogley b Bower 16, N Hammond c Marted b Bower 0, W Holland b Bower 0, L Adamson st Harding b Bower 3, E Adamson not out extras 9,- total 44.

Bentley Colliery: S Chambers b Richards 12, W Meakin not out 17, A Mellor not out 14, extras 4; total (for 1 wicket). 47