Waterproof as Counterpane – Conisboro’ Man’s Theft.

August 1930

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 22 August 1930

Waterproof as Counterpane

Conisboro’ Man’s Theft.

Frederick Bonsall (30), miner, of Conisborough, pleaded “Guilty” at Doncaster on Friday to stealing a waterproof cover, valued at 10s., the property of the Callender Cable Company, and said he thought it would make a waterproof cover for his children’s bed but he did not think it was as big as it was until he got it home.

Supt. Minty said that Walter Grace a foreman, placed the sheet over a manhole on August 11th and missed it on the following morning. P.c. Thompson made inquiries, and at 11-45 last night visited Bonsall’s house and asked Bonsall if he knew anything about the cover. He replied “Yes, it is upstairs?’

The officer found it there.

Bonsall said he had three children and had been out of work for a few weeks with a septic thumb. He received 35s a week in sick pay and relief.

He was fined 40s.