Resignation of Dr. Hills.

September 1890

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 19 September 1890

Resignation of Dr. Hills.

At the fortnightly meeting of the Doncaster Board of Guardians on Saturday, the question as to vaccination in the Conisborough district was again brought forward.

Mr. Edgar (Doncaster) said before the confirmation of the minutes, he should like to know whether any communication had been received from the Local Government Board, as to the case of Dr Hills. The Chairman (Mr. Crawshaw. Warmsworth) said no reply had been received. But there was another letter from Dr Hills, and it would be read. The cheque for the fees had been returned to the doctor by order of the guardians.

Mr. Edgar said it was an irregular proceeding to send back the cheque before the minutes were confirmed.

The Chairman: The motion was put before the board and carried unanimously.

Mr. Masters ( Doncaster): The cheque has not been sent?

The Chairman : Yes, it has.

Mr. Masters: Then we are confirming what we can’t alter ?

The Chairman: It was put to the vote.

Mr. Masters: I was not present. Every member the board did not get notice of it.

The Chairman: They ought to have been here. The minutes are correct so far as I heard.

Mr. Masters said, to be in order, he would move that the cheque be not returned to Dr. Hills. Mr. Edgar seconded.

Mr. Masters said the auditor would surcharge the board for it.

The Clerk said that could not be for the auditor had passed the item some time ago.

Mr. Gibson said after the letter from the Local Government Board, the auditor could have no power to make a surcharge.

The motion was put to the meeting. The result was a confirmation of the minutes, only Messrs. Masters and Edgar voting against it.

The Clerk read a letter from Dr. Hills in which he acknowledged the receipt of the cheque, for which he was much obliged. He also acknowledged the request that he should send in an account for vaccination up to the present time, and which he would attend to forthwith. After further consideration of the circumstances in connection with the Denaby Vaccination cases, he had been obliged to come to the conclusion that the best course for him to take was—with the permission of the board—respectfully to ask that they would consider his resignation of the appointment as vaccinator to the Conisborough district of the Doncaster Union, as final. At the same time the board would not consider him forgetful or ungrateful of the unanimous decision come to that he should be reinstated for he was deeply sensible of this and of the other acts of kindness received during the whole of that painful inquiry. He was proud of and thankful for the honourable position in which the board had thought fit to place him, and for the confidence reposed in him—and which it would be his earnest endeavour always to deserve to merit. He referred with regret to the fact that the alleged irregularites at Denaby had not been brought at first under the attention of the vaccination committee of the board, who were so well qualified to have dealt with the matter. He should not like to be the cause of any difficulty or unpleasantness between the Board and the Local Government Board, and he hoped his decision not to continue as the vaccination officer would meet with approval.

The Chairman : Then the election of a public vaccinator will have to be proceeded with. We must notify to the Local Government Board what Dr. Hills has expressed to-day.

Mr. Gibson said that according to the Vaccination Act Dr. Hills had not committed any offence. as it was provided that where a public vaccinator found that a child resident in his district, but not vaccinated by himself, had been successfully vaccinated, might grant a certificate to such effect, so that Dr. Hills in allowing the vaccinations to he performed by some other man was within the pale of the law. He had done what he could to get the children there, and had done more than his duty. There must be an enemy behind the both somewhere who caused this matter to be brought before the House of Commons.

The Chairman said it appeared the decision from Dr. Hills was final.

Mr. Masters said the board had better wait until they got a reply from the Local Government Board before accepting the resignation.

The Chairman thought not.

Mr. Masters: Then will you withdraw the application to have him re-instated ?

A Guardian : Simply propose the resignation be accepted.

Mr. Gibson said Dr. Hills was quite willing to perform the work until a successor was appointed.

Mr. Athron (ex-Mayor) said that could not be under the circumstances.

Mr. Chambers (Denaby Main): To shorten the matter, I  propose we advertise for a successor as vaccination officer for the Conisborough district.

This was adopted.